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5M/1M = $18 Zhonka + $38/mo Qwest fees
5M/1M 'Standalone' = $18 Zhonka + $43/mo Qwest fees
1.5M/1M = $15 Zhonka + $28 Qwest fees
1.5M/1M 'Standalone' = $15 Zhonka + $33 Qwest fees
256/256Kbps = $15 Zhonka + $15 Qwest fees

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New locations powered by Zhonka DSL in Olympia include:

Bagel Brothers
Bagel Brothers laptop user Bagel Brothers westside olympia
400 Cooper Pt. Rd., NW, #22, Olympia, WA  360-352-3676

Bagel Brothers sandwich and espresso shop is ideally situated on Olympia's Westside. Featuring over 20 varieties of bagels baked fresh daily with sandwiches, wraps, subs, espresso, smoothies and over a dozen flavors of cream cheese and spreads.

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Fresh Cup - the Voice of the Speciality Beverage Industry, February 2006
"Why Wi-fi? - Pros and cons of a wireless cafe"
By Kristine Hansen

Dave Olson, minister of marketing at Zhonka, in Olympia, Wash, sell DSL Internet connections to a variety of companies (mostly cafes) in Olympia and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Cafe managers then turn around and offer wireless Internet to their coffee and tea sipping customers at no cost. "For us, it's a good marketing ploy," he says. "It promotes us in the community and puts out a lot of marketing goodwill. A year or so ago, it was mostly pay-per-use. Now people are drifting more toward doing the free thing." (note: not Dave Olson pictured)
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Wireless Net links spread - Libraries join Wi-Fi trend
By Katherine Tam - The Olympian 12/16/05
Free wireless access began popping up downtown about three years ago, when Dave Olson and Jacob Stewart launched Zhonka Broadband. They were looking to join with cafes to provide free Internet access. They started out by asking merchants they knew.  “People said ‘What are you talking about? Who's going to use it? This is nuts,' ” Olson said. “But they said ‘OK.'”
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Private sector offers unique challenges
Business Forecast - The Olympian 03/20/05
"As an Internet service provider, our main product is a utility, and as such, we think people are always going to need access," Zhonka's Dave Olson said.
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Zhonka Hosts Leadership Training Group - posted Nov. 28, 2005
This November, Zhonka hosted a group of participants from "LEAD," a charitable program of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation aimed at building community networks and leadership skills for up-and-coming leaders from both public and private sectors.

Internet Users Better Protected With Two New Bills - Press Release – May 18, 2005
Many misleading e-mails and malicious attachments are now illegal after Governor Christine Gregoire signed two House bills designed to eliminate "Spyware" and "Phishing."

Seattle and Olympia Named Most Connected Cities - Press Release 5/2/2005
Popular Science magazine’s recent list of in a list of Top Hi-Tech Cities ranked Seattle and Olympia number one and two respectively in the “Connected Citizenry” category.
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Zhonka offers ...
- Hi-speed, "always-on" access -
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packages for hobbyists to developers
T1 Frame Relay - industrial strength access for offices
Wireless - Run a wireless LAN or wi-fi access point
Server co-location in Seattle or Olympia.

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Last updated April 13, 2006

Zhonka Broadband offers high performance Internet access services featuring customer friendly policies and responsive support. Founded and managed by experienced Internet pioneers from OlyWa.net, we actively support the communities we serve with Free Wireless "Surfbreaks" and donated access to select non-profit groups.

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