Billing & Business FAQ

How will I receive my invoices?

Zhonka sends all invoices and statements by e-mail.  Indeed, you may print for your records if you choose. E-mail invoicing is cost efficient and saves trees.

What are my payment options?

  • Online, via credit card at the Zhonka Secure Online Billing Center - login with your primary Zhonka account username and password.
  • Choose "Credit Card" mode in the Secure Online Billing Center for automatic withdrawls
  • Send Check or Money Order via postal mail to:
    Zhonka Broadband
    204 Quince St. NE, Suite 201
    Olympia, WA 98506
  • Drop off Check or Money Order (no cash please) in the dropbox at:
    Zhonka Broadband
    204 Quince St. NE, Suite 201

What credit/debit cards does Zhonka accept?

Zhonka accepts Visa and Mastercard only - Zhonka DOES NOT accept American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club or any other card.

What can I do at the Zhonka Secure Online Billing Center?

By logging with your Zhonka username/password to, you can:

  • pay your bill by credit card or set to "autopay" mode
  • view your payment history
  • check your current account balance

Why do you ask for credit/debit card information?

Zhonka keeps customer credit card information on file to use in the event of past due balances. It is an important part of our Terms of Service that all customers maintain an accurate credit card number including expiration date and 3 digit code and accurate credit/debit card mailing address.

Under which circumstances will you charge my credit/debit card?

If your account is more than 30 days overdue, Zhonka will attempt to contact you for payment. If your account is more than 45 days past due, Zhonka will charge your card for past due services.  Otherwise your credit/debit card will not be charged unless you choose to manually or automatically pay your bill by credit/debit card.

What if I have a credit/debit card charge concern or other billing dispute or problem?

Please contact us with details and we'll investigate your concerns.  According to the Zhonka Terms of Service, you must contact Zhonka to resolve any billing disputes or problems directly with us.Credit card chargebacks will result in a $30 service charge to the customer.

What if I don't have a credit/debit card?

We find most people have access to a credit/debit cards but, if you don't, Zhonka can arrange to bill you a month in advance to prevent a past-due balance. Please use the contact form to make arrangements.

Who can help me with billing questions?

You can contact us with billing questions by using the contact form.

Discounted and Donated Service

Zhonka Broadband is committed to assisting community organizations and volunteers whose efforts are enhanced by quality Internet access. In order to best distribute these services, please read over these guidelines and feel free to contact Zhonka if you have additional questions or comments.

Donated Access: Zhonka offers donated Bronze DSL or Dial-up or Silver packages to community action groups who fit our subjective requirements.
It is worth noting that Zhonka does not qualify for tax deductions for providing service and we do reserve our right to provide services only to organizations who reflect our requirements, namely:
  1. Not for profit - Is the organization a state &/or federally registered non-profit? Is the organization professional and polite in it's dealings?
  2. Community focused - Is the organization actively involved with new and continuing grassroots programs in the local community? Does the organization have a favorable reputation in the community?
  3. Need for Internet - Does the organization have a clear mission for which the Internet access will be used? Does the organization have trouble maintaining Internet access due to finances or other constraints?
  4. Promotional Exposure - Does the organization publish a newsletter in which Zhonka can be recognized for its donation with a small ad? Does the organization promote events in which Zhonka may be involved?
  5. Non-secular, Non-governmental, Non-political - Is the organization's mission religious or politically focused? Is the organization not receiving funding from government agencies or national associations?
To apply, please send a letter of request on organizational letterhead, addressing the points above, to:
Zhonka Broadband
Attn: Dave Olson
204 Quince St. NE, Suite 201
Olympia, WA 98506

Discounted Access:
Zhonka is pleased to offer discounts to various members of the community. Specifically Zhonka offers 20% off Bronze (DSL or Dial-up) and Silver packages to qualified customers, including:
  1. Students currently attending college/university at least half-time or families with a least 2 kids attending K-12.
  2. Educators currently teaching at local K-12 schools and college/university professors with a specific need.
  3. Non-profit Groups and volunteers who otherwise don't qualify for the donation requirements listed above.
To qualify, please mail a copy of student/educator card with current status, or a letter of request to:
Zhonka Broadband
Attn: Dave Olson
204 Quince St. NE, Suite 201
Olympia, WA 98506

Who is Zhonka anyway?

Zhonka Broadband LLC is a Washington Corporation based in Olympia providing a variety of Internet services to Western WA and beyond. Check out this FAQ for a blurb about our industry experience and our media page for newsworthy items.

How can my business get involved in the Surfbreak / Merchant Referral program?

Zhonka values relationships with select cafes, markets, taverns bookshops, computer retailers and professional consultants. Participants in this program will be listed on the Zhonka web-site and invited to participate in mutually beneficial co-marketing campaigns.  See the Surfbreak Partner Agreement for more info and the Surfbreak page for examples.

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