Ideal for fast-growing company and agency office networks.

Gold DSL package

A super-fast connection and lots of extras make this a smart strategic choice for hi-tech offices.


  • DSL up to 5/1Mbps up / down*
    Circuit fees from Qwest billed seperately - see DSL FAQs for more info.
    Choose from:
    $15/mo for 256/256kbps
    $28/mo for 1.5/1Mbps
    $33/mo for 1.5/1Mbps - without dial-tone
    $38/mo for 5/1Mbps
    $43/mo for 5/1Mbps - without dial-tone

  • 15 E-mail accounts & 2 E-mailing lists
  • 50MB Web domain hosting with 3 DNS entries
  • 13 IP addresses
  • Usenet access

    * actual speed depends on user's telephone line connection

    $20 set-up fee

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