Zhonka Broadband
Internet Packages


Essential service for travelers, students & cafe surfers.


1-time $10 set-up fee


Bronze - DSL

Always-on fast Internet package for one-computer homes.


1-time $10 set-up fee

Bronze - Dial-up

Designed for households, remote locations and satellite uplink.

** actual speed depends on user's modem and line connection


1-time $10 set-up fee



Deluxe package for small & home offices, families, and professionals.


Ideal for fast-growing company and agency office networks.


1-time $20 set-up fee



Comprehensive package for corporate offices seeking reliability & security.


1-time $20 set-up fee


Web Domain Hosting Packages

Host your domain on Zhonka's Microsoft NT servers, closely connected to multiple Internet backbones for fastest performance for your web sites. Transfer an existing domain name or Zhonka will assist you registering a new one. Your account includes e-mail addresses and mailing lists @yourdomain.com.

Many programming tools and features are included, such as:
FTP access, private CGI-bin, Php3, MS Front Page extensions, SSL, Perl, DSN entries, etc.

* Developer
100MB with multiple DNS entries and all features and 10 e-mail accounts and 3 mailing lists
$50/mo. Set-up: $10

* Business
50MB with multiple DNS entries and all features and 4 e-mail accounts and 2 mailing lists
$30/mo. Set-up: $10

* Hobby
30MB with single DNS entry, 2 e-mail accounts and 1 mailing list
$15/mo. Set-up: $10

A la carte items

* additional E-mail accounts - $3/mo. no set-up
* additional Web space in 10MB chunks - $5/mo.
* additional DNS entries - $10/year
* additional RBS service in 100MB chunks? - $10/mo.
* domain name registration fees approx. $12/yr.
* domain name transfer - $20 service charge