Move your servers or telco rack into the secured Zhonka data center.

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from $100/month

Move your servers or telco rack into the secured Zhonka data center!

Your servers or other electronic communications equipment will work comfortably in the secured Zhonka data center while you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your equipment is connected to uninterrupted power back-up and high speed Internet links.

Zhonka offers service options to suit your access needs whether you seek space for a single server or entire rack in downtown Olympia or Seattle (Westin bldg).

In addition to the Uninterrupted Power Supply, Zhonka's Olympia data center is fully air-conditioned with temperature alert sensors and convenient 24/7 keycard access planned4th Quarter 2003.

Racks are industry standard 19" open, dual-post racks with 110 volt power and 100Mb Ethernet. Single host customers may provide a rack mountable up to "3u" size case or a "minitower" style computer case.

Packages include limited IP addresses and DNS entries if needed.

Zhonka's generous usage levels ensure quality traffic performance for your money. Bandwidth is burstable up to 100Mbps - availability is limited only by speed of connection to destination. Additonal bandwidth is billed in rachetable increments triggered by either average usage (256Kbps increments) or peak usage (per 1Mb).

Zhonka and Co-location customers will agree to Zhonka Terms of Service agreement but Zhonka requires no term-length contracts.

For more information, please E-mail: info (at) - replace with "@" - No Junk Mail please.

Co-location packages
4 hour
BandwidthNote 1 1Mb/
256K average
256K average
256K average
IP addressesNote 2/29/29/29
DNS entries 555
Facility accessNote 3 M-F 9-5 by appt. - 4 hr. on S-S 24X7 key access M-F 9-5 by appt. - 4 hr. on S-S
Monthly fee per server$100$150$200
One-time server set-up fee$200$200$300
Monthly fee per rack$400$500$1000 (subject to availability)
One-time rack set-up fee$300$300$500
Additonal bandwidth Note 4
(incremental per 256Kbps average or 1Mbps peak usage increase)
Misc. extras    
Reboot feeNote 5$50$50$75
access feeNote 6
Add. IP addressesNote 2$12/yr.$12/yr.$12/yr.
Add. DNS entriesNote 7$12/yr.$12/yr.$12/yr.

  1. Bandwidth measured on any 30 day period utilizing 2 hour statistical averages with sampling every 5 minutes with the bottom 95% of samples being used to generate rate.
  2. IP address allocation subject to justification guidelines established by ARIN. In short, you can only receive only what you are able to use.
  3. The Zhonka data center is not designed as a facility for repairing and configuring your equipment. Co-location customers are kindly asked to please limit data center visits to equipment installations and replacement.
  4. Incremental, rachetable charge triggered by either/or 1) average usage increased by 256Kbps calculated on 95 percentile statistical average; 2) peak usage increased per 1Mb. Usage measured by MRTG graphing. Upon bandwidth increase, charges will remain at increased level unless otherwise petitioned.
  5. Fee applies after-hours and usually available within 1-4 hours. Reboot service fee is only for restarting a labeled computer and does not include logon, troubleshooting, or any other diagnostic or repair work which is billable at $120/hr.
  6. Customers will be provided an after-hours technician pager for after hours emergencies. Access is usually available within 2 hours. Fee will be charged to 24X7 customers who trigger the alarm due to operator error.
  7. Does not include domain name registration fees.

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