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Not sure which service package best fits your needs? Visit the Zhonka Services-at-glance page or Contact Zhonka before choosing. For more info on Zhonka DSL provided on Qwest lines (billed separately), check out DSL FAQs and Services at a Glance. Check out the DSL FAQs for the Qwest rates and promotions.

NOTICE: By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to purchase and pay for any services requested and abide by the Zhonka Broadband Terms of Service.

Select Services
DSL packages -

 Bronze - DSL $15/mo. + $10 set-up - includes 30MB web hosting + 2 e-mails
Qwest fees billed separately -
choose 256/256Kbps for $15/mo, 640/256Kbps for $28/mo or 1.5/1Mbps for $28/mo

 Silver - DSL $24/mo. + $10 set-up - includes 50MB domain hosting + 5 e-mails
Qwest fees billed separately - choose 256/256Kbps for $15/mo, 640/256Kbps for $28/mo or 1.5/1Mbps for $28/mo

 Gold - DSL - $50/mo. + $20 set-up - includes 50MB domain hosting + 15 e-mails
Qwest fees billed separately - choose 1.5/1Mbps or $28/mo 1/1Mb for $88/mo

 Platinum - DSL - $90/mo. + $20 set-up - includes 100MB domain hosting + 25 e-mails
Qwest fees billed separately - choose from speeds up to 4/1Mb for $165/mo

Choose DSL Circuit Speed:
256kbps x 256kbps (Qwest Charges - $15/month)
640kbps x 256kbps (Qwest - $28/month)
1.5Mbps x 1Mbps -- Best Value! (Qwest - $28/month)

Dial-up packages -
Silver - Dial-up - $24/mo. + $10 set-up - includes 200 hours/month + 5 e-mails + 50MBdomain hosting
Bronze - Dial-up - $15/mo. + $10 set-up - includes 200 hours/month + 2 e-mails + 30MB webhosting
Copper - Limited Dial-up - $10/mo. + $10 set-up - includes 32 hours/month + 20MB webhosting

Web hosting only packages -
Developer webhosting-only - $50/mo., $10 set-up - 100MB + 25 e-mails
Business webhosting-only - $30/mo., $10 set-up - 50MB + 15 e-mails
Hobby webhosting-only - $15/mo., $10 set-up - 30MB + 5e-mails

A la Carte & Extras -
Additional E-mail accounts - $3/mo. each
Additional Web hosting space in 20MB/$5/mo.
Additional domain DNS entries - $12/year (list domain name(s) later in form)
Domain name transfer - $35 service charge (no charge if you conduct transfer yourself, see our domain transfer FAQ).

Billing and Customer Info

Important! Zhonka sends invoices by E-mail. You can print a copy of your e-mail for your records if you wish.
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Important - Please Read: You may pay your Zhonka Broadband invoice by personal check or credit/debit card (Visa or MC) using the Secure Online Billing center payment. Zhonka will charge your credit card for "outstanding balance" ONLY if your account is past-due. You also have the option of selecting automatic credit card billing (enter "auto-payment" in "promotions" field).
Do you understand and accept this policy?
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Service Location Info (DSL Customers Only)

Did you check your phone line for DSL availability?

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DSL line phone number: Contact e-mail address:
Contact phone number (if different than service #):
Does this location currently have DSL service? If yes, which provider?
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DSL Modem - choose one:

Rent Actiontec GT701 modem-routerfrom Qwest for $5/mo.
Purchase Actiontec GT701 modem from Qwest for $59.99 + $10 s/h
Use existing qualified modem

Username, E-mail and Hosting information

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Enter any domain name(s) you want to transfer:
Example: ""
- Note: DNS hostnames and other domain services may be requested via E-mail.
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Other domain: Domain name registrar (if known):

Questions? Comments!

Before your DSL install date, usually 8-14 days after signing up, you'll receive basic settings in the mail. A Zhonka representative will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your hookup on your set-up date.

Dial-up accounts are ready within 24 hours - all users will receive basic settings and support info in the mail. Upon request, Zhonka will mail detailed instructions on setting up E-mail and dial-up accounts for your specific operating system. Domain names registrations and transfers must be initiated by the name owner - check out the Domain FAQs for more info.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

DSL customers: By filling out this form, I understand that I am authorizing Qwest to charge me for the Qwest DSL Subscriber service and that Zhonka Broadband will charge me for Internet service as specified by Zhonka Broadband. I authorize Zhonka Broadband to order Qwest DSL service for me through Qwest for the speed and term of commitment as specified in this form.

Notice to all customers: Submission of this form acknowledges purchase of selected services and acceptance of ZhonkaBroadband LLC's Terms of Service and billing policies. Initial in box to accept policies:

Thank You!  We look forward to serving you on-line.

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